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Sustainable, Cost-Effective, and Environmentally Sound Solutions

Discover our complete line of decentralized water, wastewater, power, and building solutions for residential, community, agricultural, commercial, military, emergency preparedness, and disaster relief applications.

Technology: Quest Water Solutions
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Quest Water Solutions Inc.

Quest Water Solutions Inc., the wholly owned manufacturing subsidiary of Quest Water Global, Inc., addresses the vital issue of water quality and water supply by designing, manufacturing, and marketing water technology products. Each of our products provides a sustainable source of clean water at the smallest possible environmental cost, while maintaining our position as a leading supplier of decentralized, turn-key solutions using alternative energy for the production, purification, desalination, and distribution of clean, potable water.

Applications for our products include:

- Rural and peri-urban community water supply in water stressed markets

- Indigenous community water supply throughout Canada and the USA

- Water supply for individual rural households

- Water for agricultural irrigation and livestock

- Remote logging, mining, utility worksite camps

- Water supply for disaster relief and emergency preparedness

Technology: AQUAtap
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Our proprietary AQUAtap™ Water Purification & Distribution System is a self-contained, decentralized, solar-powered water purification and distribution system. The AQUAtap™ is a cost-effective, sustainable, and environmentally sound turnkey solution that supplies a safe, clean, reliable source of potable water to communities and locations that do not currently have a source of clean water. Each unit is fully autonomous, powered by state-of-the-art photovoltaic panels.


AQUAtap™ Configurations

The AQUAtap™ is available in a variety of configurations depending on the water source, intended use, and the method of distribution of the produced water. Each AQUAtap™ converts contaminated ground and surface fresh water (utilizing Ultrafiltration membranes), brackish, and seawater (utilizing Reverse Osmosis membranes) into a clean, reliable source of potable water. The systems are both modular and scalable in design, easily allowing for increased water production, and are designed to function in any environment and where infrastructure is scarce or non-existent. Each AQUAtap™ can provide clean water for up to 5,000 people per day.

WEPS™ WaterMaker

WEPS™ WaterMaker Atmospheric Water Extraction and Purification Systems are able to provide water scarce regions with an alternate, sustainable, pure source of water without exploiting current, limited freshwater resources.

The WEPS™ technology operates by converting humidity into water. Moisture from the atmosphere is drawn into the system and condensed. The Company’s proprietary purification technologies then convert the condensate into the purest form of water. Quest Water’s process is specifically designed to meet the climatic conditions and local regulatory framework of each installation site.

WEPS WaterMaker
Technology: WEPS WaterMaker
Technology: AQUAguard
Aquaguard container-2.png


Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System

AQUAguard is a low-energy, cost-saving, decentralized wastewater treatment system that treats sewage water including human waste, shower and kitchen water. AQUAguard technology utilizes an optimized fixed film treatment process for improved capacity and energy efficiency.


Mobile Water Purification System

The AQUAcube™ is a mobile, independent, solar-powered water purification system for emergency preparedness, disaster relief, military application, and supply during temporary drinking water shortage. It is complete and ready to deploy, providing 250 – 1200 liters of clean, safe potable water per hour from any water source.

Technology: AQUAcube
Technology: ProFab Modular
ProFab LOGO.png

ProFab Modular

Structural Building Systems


The ProFab Modular Building System is an economical, pre-fabricated wall, floor, and roof system that provides a low-cost, durable, highly insulated, and airtight structure. These qualities offer a finished structure that is not only fire, mold, and mildew proof, but also hurricane and earthquake resistant.

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