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Quest Water Global, Inc., a publicly-traded company (OTC:QWTR), is a socially responsible, innovative water solutions company. Our mission is to bring about positive social change by supplying and distributing affordable clean water to underserved communities through the power of collective action while generating long-term financial returns for our investors. Working with our strategic partners, Quest Water's transformative impact will be felt throughout communities on a global scale. The Company incorporates collaborative partnerships in each country it operates within that provide a rewarding and impactful outcome for all involved. Our socially focused and financially transparent community business model is geared towards investors who value inclusion, equity, and sustainability and who recognize the power of diversity and creativity to drive positive environmental and social impact.


While we expect all our investors and partners to subscribe to our purpose of hydrating humanity, we understand each stakeholder will have its specific requirements or desired area of impact.


Quest Water Global, Inc.

Quest Water Global, Inc. is an innovative water solutions company, which engages in the provision of clean water solutions to water-scarce regions. Its property portfolio includes AQUAtap solar-powered, decentralized water purification and desalination technology; WEPS Atmospheric Water Extraction and Purification Systems; and AQUAguard solar-powered wastewater treatment technology. The company was founded on February 25, 2010 and is headquartered in North Vancouver, Canada.


Helping Bring Clean, Safe Drinking Water to Central Africa.jpeg

Helping Bring Clean, Safe Drinking Water To Central Africa

DRC: Quest Water to supply 500 water purification and desalination systems

Quest Water launches water purifier in DR Congo

Press Releases

Investor Information


Endeavor Trust Corporation

777 Hornby Street, Suite 702, 

Vancouver, BC V6Z 1S4

Tel: +1 604-559-8880



Little Law Corporation

3148 Highland Boulevard

North Vancouver, BC V7R 2X6

Tel: +1 604-770-0071


602900 BC Ltd.

800 - 15355 24th Avenue, Suite 256

Surrey, BC V4A 2H9

Tel: +1 778-294-8830


Fruci & Associates II, PLLC

802 North Washington,

Spokane, WA 99201

Tel: +1 509-624-9223

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